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Automated & efficient processes

70% of IT professionals consider external PC service important1. Results from recent surveys show that IT professionals benefit from automating the different stages involved in PC deployment.

Overburdened IT departments have insufficient resource to deliver on all required deployment tasks. For some, receiving pre-configured devices would dramatically speed up their deployment process and reduce the workload on their internal team.

Find out how you can accelerate your deployment process.

Lenovo offers several choices for factory integration services and the deployment of your systems. Automate the different stages involved in PC deployment – Imaging, App installation, Drive encryption, BIOS customisation, and more at manufacturing stage with Lenovo’s full suite of Configuration Services.

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Source 1. US SMB Lenovo Managed Services Study 2018, Techaisle. Source 2. Lenovo ADS study (total hours
spent, across all IT and end user staff, deploying a device compared to Lenovo ADS)


A new way of supporting workers,
for a new way of working.

Did you know our Premier Support Center response
time in April/May 2020 (COVID-19 peak)3 was

IT support requirements have increased significantly with working-from-home or hybrid working environments. Companies had to adapt to new ways of supporting their device fleets. Meanwhile, the day-to-day helpdesk and support burden has multiplied for many internal teams.

Find out how you can keep work downtime to a minimum and let your IT team focus on strategic tasks.

With access to advanced Lenovo engineers 24/7, you can solve IT challenges quickly and effectively. Lenovo Premier Support is the ideal solution for remote workers, wherever they are, and whenever they need it – relieving the helpdesk burden on your IT team.

Explore your options with Steve

Source 3. Premier Support AU statistics (Premier Support Center AU response time in April/May 2020)

Built for business with advanced security
and performance in mind.

Maximise the wellness of your business’s technology, staff and cash flow with the Lenovo Lifecycle program.

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