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Peak performance for your devices

With increasingly remote workforces, business environments have undoubtedly become more complex. IT professionals have never had to be so involved with device health and resource management.

Having a robust system to manage a remote fleet of hardware and software assets is crucial to keep any employee downtime to a minimum. The management of the fleet should have a positive impact on productivity while keeping devices and data secure.

How to enable your team to prevent common PC health & performance issues.

Using predictive, AI-enabled technology, Lenovo Device Intelligence gives IT teams the tools to predict, diagnose, and prevent common PC health and performance problems, at scale, improving your overall employee uptime and productivity.
Your IT team can take control of an increasingly remote device fleet with Absolute. Asset tracking, geo-fencing and remote freezing or wiping – even when devices are not on the corporate network – can streamline device management.

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Strategic, socially responsible
and compliant

Meet your corporate and environmental responsibilities, comply with security protocols and generate unrealised value from your technology assets.

What to do with devices at the end of their life is not something every business considers. There’s a few things to consider, ranging from environmentally conscious disposal, secure & compliant data wiping as well as strategic elements around value recovery.

Find out about a cost-effective, compliant and secure solutions.

Asset Recovery Services (ARS) can help you stay compliant by dealing with client and personal information to ensure data security – we’ll provide all legal documentation and certificates associated with proper data destruction and environmental processing.
PLUS – we can help offset some of the costs related to your technology refresh, so you’ll recover value from your decommissioned equipment, lowering the total cost of ownership for your latest IT investment.

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Our smallest business devices boast big
performance and durability.

Maximise the wellness of your business's technology, staff and cash flow with the Lenovo Lifecycle program.

Need a lifecycle refresh? Check back on the stages of creating a smarter device fleet

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