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PCs are driving positive EX.

Over three-quarters of full-time employees from a recent survey1 stated that PC devices are a critical factor in their engagement and daily work, agreeing that PC devices are critical for:

For many businesses, funding methods and anticipated levels of IT purchases are not fully aligned with their cash flow strategy and requirements. COVID-19 and working-from-home or hybrid working arrangements may have changed these requirements even further.

How to turn agile payment solutions into your advantage.

Lenovo Financial Services offer a wide range of finance options including Device-as-a-Service (DaaS). You can acquire needed technology and services now, while structuring payments in line with your business activity & cash flow.

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Source 1. Forrester-Intel and Lenovo EX TLP Report 2020.


Reduce complexity, save time & money.

Did you know, on average organisations can spend almost an
entire workday to manually build images, load, and configure a single PC? 2

On average, a business spends 7.5hrs on configuring a single PC. Depending on the volume of devices, this quickly adds up to a significant cost. What’s more, the time frame to get a device ready to be used by the end user can extend to weeks.

How to find a faster and more cost-effective solution.

Each new PC must be customised for a particular environment and again, for a given user. You could save up to 7.5 hours in device deployments by automating a range of tasks using Lenovo Configuration Services.

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Source 2. Lenovo ADS study (total hours spent, across all IT and end user staff, deploying a device compared to Lenovo ADS)

Devices that meet the demands of privacy,
productivity and teamwork.

Maximise the wellness of your business’s technology, staff and cash flow with the Lenovo Lifecycle program.

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