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PCs are driving positive EX.

Over three-quarters of full-time employees from a recent survey1 stated that PC devices are a critical factor in their engagement and daily work, agreeing that PC devices are critical for:

Covid-19 has changed the PC hardware requirements and the support needs of remote staff for many businesses. Often, businesses now work in hybrid or fully remote work environments which bring their own set of unique challenges.

How to future-proof your business.

Lenovo can assist you with a technology needs assessment to help you consider what your business needs are today, but also what they might be in the future.

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Source 1. Forrester-Intel and Lenovo EX TLP Report 2020.


Reduce complexity, save time & money.

Did you know, on average organisations can spend almost an
entire workday to manually build images, load, and configure a single PC? 2

Provisioning PC’s for employees can be a time consuming and costly endeavor for many businesses. Achieving a unified, secure experience across an organisation is especially tricky for those with increasingly remote workforces.

How to reduce reliance on internal IT support.

Lenovo’s automated Configuration Services can save you time and money by efficiently managing your device configuration for seamless deployment.

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Source 2. Lenovo ADS study (total hours spent, across all IT and end user staff, deploying a device compared to Lenovo ADS)

Devices that meet the demands of privacy,
productivity and teamwork.

Maximise the wellness of your business’s technology, staff and cash flow with the Lenovo Lifecycle program.

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